Monday, May 28, 2007

Prepare the Beef Brisket

Prepare the Beef Brisket

Corned Beef is usually made from the cheaper cuts of Beef Brisket. Select a Beef Brisket at your local Super Market, or if you are lucky and can deal with an actual butcher, have him advise you on a good piece of Brisket from which to start. Cut the Brisket up into roasts the size that you think will be appropriate for your family’s consumption. The roast I picture is cut as a size that I know will work for my family. It could be larger and produce more leftovers for sandwiches, etc. Here is another advantage of doing it yourself. You can make up the cured Corn Beef roast to fit your cooking and eating needs.

Trim the major fat layer from the outside of Beef Brisket. A filet knife works well for this trim. If there happens to be a layer of fat running through the middle of the roast, leave it alone, it will not be a problem, and can be trimmed out after cooking the roast.

Once the fat is trimmed, measure or estimate the thickness of the resulting piece of meat, and make note of it. You do not have to use a ruler; I only picture it to make the point. The meat I have pictured is approximately 1 and ½ inches in thickness.

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Anonymous said...

Meat trimming preferences vary quite a bit from place to place, but I would argue that leaving about 3/16" of fat will improve the flavor and that the fat cooks off in the end, anyway. The rest can be trimmed at serving time. It just tastes better that way.

Infrared Photography Buzz said...

Thank you for the additional advice. There is nerver just one way to do things, and I am always ready to listen to alternatives. Both ways work well, so it's hard to go wrong. Thanks again!