Monday, May 28, 2007

Curing your own Corned Beef

Corn Beef and Cabbage! One of my favorite dishes, and I’m not even Irish! But, that’s not so odd. I read that Corned Beef and Cabbage is more popular here in the US then in Ireland where the dish is generally considered to have originated.

Corned Beef is readily available at the supermarket grocery store. But, why buy it as another prepared food product when we can cure our own Corned Beef? The obvious advantage to the “do-it-yourself” approach is that you can control and know exactly what is going into your Corned Beef meal. Buying prepared, you have no idea of the exact ingredients that were put into the bag with the Corned Beef Roast. Just what are those “various spices”, “flavors”, and “preservatives” listed on the label? None of it may be bad for you, but, why not take charge and make your own, and control what you are eating?

This site will present you with an illustrated, step-by-step process for Curing your own Corned Beef from cuts of a Beef Brisket that you select from your butcher’s counter. We will be basically following the steps outlined by the Morton Salt Company for their “Tender Quick” meat curing product. Along the way, I will introduce what I think are new ideas to make the process Easier and more Fool-Proof.

Spice recipes are numerous and varied. I will not recommend any specific curing recipe here. You can easily search the internet for spice recipes for Corned Beef and select ones to try which most interest you. I will however strongly suggest that you visit the Morton Salt web site and consider ordering their informative booklet “Morton Salt Home Meat Curing Guide”. Curing Corned Beef is only one of quite a number of meat Cures outlined in the booklet.

Morton Salt Meat Curing Guide

The key here is the use of the “Tender Quick” product to cure the meats and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria while the meat is being preserved.

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